Conduits of love
By Zhaojue local staff

I have been cooperating with MSI teachers for 18 years. During this time, I have welcomed and bidden farewell to many friends from various countries and regions who have visited our small county. I have come to understand that they are not here to sightsee and enjoy the scenery, but to lovingly help this place.

I remember that I accompanied Teacher Yen and other foreigners to Boyihuo village to follow up on the sheep lending project. At that time, the paved road only reached the foothills of the mountain, and we had to trek up the rest of the way. After nearly two hours of trekking on many trails and through many creeks, we finally arrived at the destination. It was a really tiring journey. After a short rest, the foreigners went with the farmers to see how the sheep were doing. The arrival of these experts in the mountains made the farmers very happy. A group gathered round Teacher Yen asking questions, and she patiently clarified their doubts. It was only at sundown that our trip to the countryside ended. On the way back, I asked them why they were willing to endure hardship to come to this place. They just smiled and said: We are just conduits of love, and the hard work is nothing if we can pass on this love to every corner of the world.

Yes, you have spread the gospel of love and sowed the seeds of this love. I believe that from this love beautiful flowers will one day bloom.