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We serve in inland China, in Sichuan and Yunnan , where physical and spiritual needs in urban as well as rural areas are great, and the resources available to meet these needs are scarce.

As Christian professionals with a love for the people and a commitment to professional excellence, we seek to provide holistic care to those we serve with the hope that they will, in turn, be enabled to help others.

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MSI 25th Anniversary Congratulations

Our Partners in Canada

The Canada Team wishes to congratulate MSI, its leaders and team members on their 25 years of ministry in East Asia and to give praise to God for enabling this to happen. The impact will not be known this side of Heaven but we do know it has been significant. Many Canadians and teams go and were blessed as they were being a blessing.

We are very pleased to be able to partner with you and look forward to another 25 years working together as God enables.

In His name and for His Glory

Meirion Thomas

Greetings to the MSI team on this 25th year celebration of God’s goodness.

Tracing the faithfulness of God through the witness and ministry of MSI is a joy to so many of us. Just this last week I was telling the evening bedtime story to our grandchildren of my memorable visit to Meigu and the sheer wonder of Wanda! It gave my life a window on the worldwide overflowing grace of the Lord.

Thank you to all past and present workers for the gospel partnership as we journey together into the future. May the Lord bless and guide you all into the changing future.

Eugene Choi

Today in China, many MSI colleagues, with one mind and one spirit, share in living and serving the people we love. . . . Amidst all the bittersweet changes, the love of our colleagues has remained the same. Their life in China is The Message! Awake north wind! Come south wind! Blow into the garden of our hearts and of the people we serve. Let the fragrance of love spread in China!

Reggie Tsang

A quarter century is a timely mark to remind ourselves that, as we bring heaven’s blessings to others, blessings also come to inspire us and others to serve better, even to start other similar efforts to spread more blessings.

“Love never ceases; they will know us by our love; be salt and light everywhere; heal the broken-hearted, bind up their wounds; heal the blind; go through villages and towns; care for sheep without shepherds; teach what I have told you; go to the ends of the earth.”

In truly meaningful ways, these are basic MSI ethos from the very beginning, privileging us to see the authentic impact on others and ourselves.

David and Sue Pickard

It has been a wonderful experience to observe how the Lord has grown the organisation not simply numerically but in its impact for the kingdom of God in China.

MSI colleagues are an inspiration to many for their faithful servant-like service for Christ and His kingdom in the selfless giving of themselves to the people of China. It is our privilege to have known some of the outstanding colleagues who, in those early days, humbly but deterministically were willing to live, serve and witness in some challenging and uncongenial circumstances. It is hard to imagine in today’s world are very basic and risky were the opportunities given to go to places and people needing the Lord.

Our prayers for you all are that the Lord will continue to anoint and use all of you in the Ministry to which He has invited us to share; for “we have this Ministry by the mercy of God, so we do not lose heart” (2 Corinthians 4:1).

With our warmest greetings in Christ,

Eckehard Scharfschwerdt

“Why did a German stay in the mountains of Yunnan for 16 years?”