Pray For Us

Thank you for your partnership and for lifting us up in prayer. Please stand with us in prayer for the following praises and needs.

Thanksgiving for the resumption of all MSI sites in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in China since July 2020. Please pray for wisdom and strength as we continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder with local partners especially in rural mountainous places as this year marks the end of China’s seven-year national campaign to fight poverty.

Thanksgiving that we have been able to conduct summer activities with local volunteers even though we could not receive short-term teams from overseas. We also give thanks that overseas volunteers could be involved in giving online trainings in a variety of ways. Please pray for good communication and technical support for this combination of presence ministry from long-term members and online trainings from overseas short-term members

Thanksgiving that COVID-19 is under control in our mainland China sites. Please pray for Hong Kong and other places where the pandemic is still spreading, especially for frontline healthcare workers.

Pray that more millennials would share our vision and be eager to bring new ideas and energy to our team.

Pray for the mobilisation of medical personnel for both long-term and short-term needs. There are opportunities for health workers in both rural and urban settings.

New Leaders

Pray for leadership transitions. Joyce Lau, MSI President designate, will take on her new role in April 2020. Cedric Cheung will take on his new role as Sichuan Chief Representative in July 2020.


Pray for our MSI mobilisation teams around the globe. May they be able to understand the challenge of work in China today and translate it for those in our home countries. May the Lord also bring younger mobilisers to carry on the task; and may we see a new generation of professionals serving in
inland China.