Yunnan Sites

Yunnan Sites

Yunnan province boasts the largest number of minority peoples in China, with 26 out of 56 people groups represented here. MSI’s current sites with long-term workers in Yunnan province are Kunming, Honghe and Yiliang. Since 1996, MSI has partnered with provincial and county governments to place teams for medical, English, special education, rehabilitation and livestock work. Read more about our Yunnan sites tabularised on this page.


Invited by the local County Hospital, MSI started medical training by placing the first long-term couple in 2013. Many short-term teams have also contributed to training in paediatrics, ICU, haemodialysis, and emergency medicine. In 2016, MSI started an English programme in the local middle school that includes training for English teachers, English instruction for Middle School students, and an English corner.


Established around 2400 years ago, Kunming (KMG) is a famous historical and cultural city. Kunming’s mild climate has earned it the name ‘Eternal Spring City’. It boasts tourist sites like the world famous “Stone Forest”. Kunming is the transportation, economic, cultural, education and political centre for Yunnan. Kunming also serves as China’s gateway city to Southeast Asia and South Asia. Kunming’s Changshui International Airport is one of the largest in China, with flights to Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Yunnan Chief Representative Office

MSI established a Chief Representative Office (CRO) in Kunming in 2000. The CRO functions as MSI’s strategic, administrative and financial nerve centre for all our work in Yunnan province. MSI was among the first batch of international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to receive Government registration in Yunnan in 2010.


Yiliang County is part of Zhao Tong Prefecture in northeast Yunnan. It is located in the Wumeng Mountain region with elevations ranging from 520m to 2780m. MSI just started work in the town of Longan, located in the northern part of Yiliang County. That area is famous for producing Tian Ma (a Chinese medicinal herb), potatoes and walnuts. Longan has a population of 25,300 in seven villages. Nine minorities including Miao and Yi people live in the area. The Yiliang County People’s Hospital serves a population of 550,000.

In 2017, MSI started a water project in Longan, and in 2018 signed a MOU to start village public health education about chronic diseases. MSI provide ICU training and clinical exchanges with the Yiliang County People’s Hospital.