On the Road of Grace – Daniel and Pearl’s Wondrous Journey

On the Road of Grace
Daniel and Pearl’s Wondrous Journey
By Daniel and Pearl W

You could say that 2023 was a year full of astounding grace. We successfully completed our first semester of language and culture learning, and started our journey of service.

On the business side, we received a vision from the Lord that Creation Care should serve as our future direction. In the process of seeking advice about how to develop an environmental protection project, we gained assistance from a number of people in different professional fields. They also became our business partners, providing numerous perspectives and guidance related to running a business, allowing us two non-professionals to gradually gain knowledge and technical skills. We proposed five“Ps” of sustainable development to serve as our philosophy and values: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership. The road to development was full of challenges and difficulties, but our heavenly Father continuously sent people to guide the way.

In other areas, we met many Christians willing to open up their workspaces for our use. In addition to holding storytelling activities and leading small groups, we participated in career development work for university students, engaged with a group of cafeteria workers, and connected with other friends who have a heart to learn and grow. At the same time, we also had the opportunity to care for burn victim orphans, patients with mental disabilities, and others. We thank our heavenly Father for giving us such opportunities and experiences to serve different groups of people.

We hope that in 2024, we can move forward according to our heavenly Father’s plans and serve with all our hearts.