MSI’s 30th anniversary celebration and annual conference

MSI’s 30th anniversary celebration and annual conference
By Dr. Edward S

This year, 2024, is MSI’s 30th anniversary. MSI Professional Services Limited was co-founded in 1994 by the late Dr. James Taylor III, the late Mr. Richard Chan and Dr. Reggie Tsang, who now resides in the USA.

More than 100 participants attended this 30th anniversary celebration and annual conference, coming from different countries from all over the world. This conference resembled a family reunion. Dr. Reggie Tsang shared with us via Zoom, from the USA. Two past presidents, Dr. Matthew Koh and Dr. David Leung, as well as the present president, Miss Joyce Lau, all shared with us in person. The organisers provided opportunities for nearly all past and current workers to share their updates, either in person or via Zoom. We were particularly pleased to have Mrs. Taylor, wife of the late Dr. Taylor, sharing via a video from the USA.

It was most appropriate that we had Dr. Jamie Taylor to share the plenary sermons at this special 30th anniversary celebration. Jamie is the son of our late Dr. Taylor. The theme of the conference was ‘Love is…’ This theme also echoes the first and most favourite song we often sing in China about the truth of love. It also explains the basic virtue of Christians. Jamie’s message reminded us to love through our actions, not just as a motto, but to be consistent in words and action. Love works in action with integrity. This is also in alignment with the spirit of MSI’s service, that ‘Our Life is the Message’.

Apart from the plenary sessions, there were also worship and small group discussions, as well as workshops covering a diverse range of topics such as marketplace ministry, opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, mental health service, board games, etc.

I believe that this annual conference and anniversary celebration left us with many good memories. All of us can continue to serve more consistently with our core values. In addition, we can work more cooperatively and harmoniously for MSI’s future development to achieve our vision and mission.