About Us

Who We Are?

Our History

MSI Professional Services International (formerly Medical Services International) is a Christian non-profit charitable organisation founded by Dr. James Hudson Taylor III , Dr. Reginald Tsang and Mr. Richard Chen in 1994 to provide development assistance to China. The change of name in 2001 reflected our increasing scope of work from medical services to include community development, English education, business administration and management training, youth work, and livestock projects.

Over the past twenty five years, we have branched out from our headquarters in Hong Kong to thirteen regional centres in different parts of the world which mobilise and send Christian professionals to work in China.

From sending only short-term teams in our early years, we now have over sixty long-term workers and their families stationed in Inland China, either in front-line service or in pre-service language studies. We have served in more than thirty sites in Sichuan, Yunnan and Chongqing.

In 1999, we registered a MSI Representative Office in Chengdu, and in 2000, registered a Representative Office in Kunming. In 2008, our Chinese Personnel Committee was formed and tasked to mentor PRC Chinese Christian professionals to serve side by side with MSI professionals in holistic services.

When Sichuan was struck by a devastating earthquake in 2008, we set up an office in Mianyang Prefecture for earthquake relief and to help in the rebuilding of the affected communities.

In 2017, MSI successfully re-registered our Sichuan and Yunnan representative offices and continued our work in both provinces.

In this new decade, our long-termers serving in China’s mega-cities have been presented with opportunities, together with local volunteers, to serve the marginalised: those with special needs, disabled, mentally challenged, elderly, children of migrant workers, etc.

With God’s help, MSI continues to seek to share the love of Christ through the witness of our lives as Christian professionals.

Our Purpose

MSI Professional Services is a non-profit organisation serving the holistic needs of the people in inland China. Committed Christians share Christ’s love with their lives, promoting meaningful exchange, and cooperating with the Chinese government and other entities to equip local communities to serve China’s vulnerable populations.

Core Values


MSI serves in inland China, addressing the holistic needs of the neglected frontiers.


MSI strives to serve with the spirit of Christ.


MSI serves through teams. Our long-term and short-term teams are international and multi-disciplinary.


MSI seeks to equip local people through training, exchange, and the sharing of our lives.


MSI provides professional services, doing our work with excellence.


Dr. James Hudson Taylor III (1929 – 2009)

Dr. James H. Taylor III was born in China, where he spent the first 16 years of his life. His educational path included time spent at Chefoo School, Greenville College and Yale University. His professional service spanned more than 50 years in East Asia, including Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. His 10 years of service as founding president of MSI gave him many opportunities to work with officials from the central government as well as with provincial and grassroots leaders. The depth of their acceptance of and respect for him was reflected in the nickname they had given him (‘Overseas Chinese’) and in conferring to him an honorary citizenship. He stepped down from his role as president in 2004. In spite of his battle with liver cancer, he remained active as a teacher and mentor until he was called to the Lord In March, 2009.

Dr. Reginald C. Tsang, MBBS

Dr. Reginald Tsang is the former David G. and Priscilla R. Gamble Professor of Neonatology and Professor of Pediatrics of the University of Cincinnati, the Executive Director of the Prenatal Research Institute, the Director of Neonatology and Associate Chairman of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Medical Center/University of Cincinnati. Dr. Tsang is the past president of the American College of Nutrition. He has lectured in more than 142 cities in 46 countries on nutrition, diabetes, and calcium and vitamin D metabolism.

Mr. Richard Chen (1927 – 2015)

Mr. Richard Chen was born into a Christian family in Shantou, Guangdong Province. After studies at Yenching University and research at the Harvard-Yenching Institute, he worked in manufacturing and commercial pursuits both in Hong Kong and overseas, with a major focus on the U.S. market. In the early 1970s he played an important role in the re-establishment of trade between China and the United States. In recent years, he has worked closely with Chinese officials and the Yenching University Alumni Association in introducing teachers, doctors and other professionals for service in China, as well as in facilitating cultural exchanges.