Fragments of time, garbage and life

Fragments of time, garbage and life
By Sharon L

A favourite of Always Shining Volunteer Family (ASVF) volunteers is the Creation Care environmental protection activity which involves picking up rubbish. It does not require too much investment of time, everyone can do it, and the results are immediate! At the same time we pick up some lessons of life, such as: We clean up our own mind and soul while we clean up the environment. Also: It’s good to benefit others and make yourself happy. And: Garbage is like our sin: it is always hidden in places where it is not easy to find. And yet, the smaller it is, the more difficult to deal with.

Picking up trash is not the goal of the activity, but living by example is. Although some people are indifferent to this activity, our actions of “bowing down in humility”, “being faithful in small things”, and “never being discouraged” still touch many passers-by.

In addition to picking up trash, the upcycling activity was also a highlight. During the process, I deeply realised that created beings are nothing but dust. But, because of God’s grace and redemption, after being reshaped by Him, we become something of value so that our small-as-dust life can be perfected in His eternity. Although we are all broken, we are all made perfect in Him!

Please pray that:

  1. more people will join and become volunteers
  2. people will have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Creation Care
  3. the final products of the upcycling activity can be smoothly distributed to hospital wards and nursing homes and that they will be a blessing