Volunteer Services Have Resumed!
Eva Y

The volunteer programme at Hope Clubhouse aims to promote serving with love and impacting others’ lives with their own. Praise God that with the easing of the pandemic restrictions, the volunteer programme is gaining momentum.

Volunteers and members in partnership

In order to facilitate greater partnership, Hope Clubhouse has invited volunteers with English skills to join in the translation and contextualisation of positive psychology courses. We are thankful that these volunteers are willing to take on this task and work alongside our members.

Volunteers and organisation in partnership

“Quick! One more minute to go!” The room was filled with energy as university student volunteers and members worked noisily and conscientiously to connect pipes in order for a ball to pass through. The whole room was charged with energy, excitement and joy!

University Student: Initially, I was very nervous. But after interacting with the members and seeing how relaxed and involved they were, I too relaxed and wasn’t nervous any longer.

Member: We are thankful that the university students accepted us and joined in the activities with us. We are very happy!

Young Clubhouse members and university students gathering together – this has been a long-held dream of members to be able to interact with their peers.