Reflections after the pandemic

Reflections after the pandemic
Ed & Josephine S

J:From the end of 2019 to now, how have you felt living in a pandemic world?
E:I recently learnt a few idioms that can be used to describe our state of mind and situation.
J:That’s fun! Can you share more?
E:Absolutely. The first phase was the “Clear water has no fish” season, when with rigid border policies and tight surveillance, we were forced to stop training and quietly wait for God. During this time, as we had more time for study and meditation on His Word, God helped us to grow in our spiritual life. In addition, we contacted our students to learn of their situations and learnt to present each one to God to ask for help in their difficulties.
J: Wow! Yes, you can take advantage of this period to prepare in many ways. And what about the second stage?
E:That was the season of “If the horse dies we need to walk”. We saw afresh our need to look not to might, but to His Spirit. During our desperation to do something for our students, the Spirit moved us to open an online learning platform for them so that they could continue to develop in their professional calling. Although not the most ideal method of personal discipleship, it provides unexpected new ways to reach and teach them.
J:Yes, in fact, during this period, the college did not recruit, but the number of students increased, and the wonderful thing is that the students have told us that continuing to study gave them a lot of encouragement and helped raise their hearts above the pressures of the difficult environment relying on God to stand up and keep going. What about the third stage?
E:Now, everything is suddenly open and uncertain. “Muddy water is the time to fish” and cooperate with God who gives opportunities. We hope to be able to get down on the ground, do some walking in the field, and learn from our students of the new needs and opportunities to serve them.
J: Can you share your big plan specifically?
E:The water is at once too clear and too murky to say at this time. Please pray silently, that God’s good will be fulfilled! “We keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails” (Proverbs 19:21).