Fay H

I have now been with MSI for 8 years, 5 of those in the field, 1 on home assignment and 3 in an interesting situation brought about by a world-wide pandemic. No one country, nor people has been unaffected. Every plan impacted, every guarantee and security tried and found wanting, every thought and inclination tested and revealed.

Through it all, the God who shakes all things is YHWH Tzeva’ot (LORD of Hosts).

Humanly speaking, I long for some semblance of previous “normality”, yet He invites me to establish my new normal in Him. While I have grieved for what is “lost” (and He allows me to do that), He invites me to run with Him in what He is doing NOW. What He is doing now is not what has done in the past. I can choose to linger in the past, and waste all He has given me, or I can choose to go with Him into new horizons. My work for the last 3 years has been unorthodox, difficult to quantify, and not on the frontline. Yet I have seen His beautiful outworking – with local brothers and sisters stepping up strongly and effectively, with results that come not out of the will of men and women, but by the power of His Spirit. It was, is, and continues to be, a challenging time.

I encourage you to take heed, for what is the shaking of all things, if not as a megaphone to gain your attention? What is it that we should heed? Is it not to Him and His words? To have no greater love than love for our Saviour Jesus Christ, to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.