by Annie Y

Starting from March this year, we have been collaborating with a local seniors’ centre. According to their needs, we have been helping to improve the quality of their staff service and management. This senior centre was started by a like-minded fellowship. The original intention was to provide end-of-life care services. Now, it focuses on general services for the elderly who are frail and whose families have difficulty caring for them.

The leaders and staff of the nursing home are all likeminded, so we work hand-in-hand with their fellowship to serve the elderly. Originally, there were no medical staff in the nursing home. We encouraged the centre to hire local nurses and community workers to better provide care for the elderly in the home. In addition, we purchase services from local non-profit organisations to provide care for the elderly. They regularly go to the centre to interact with the elderly and offer spiritual care.

In the future, we plan to invite partners from Sichuan province, including counselling psychologists and teams who can lead games and activities, to train centre leaders and co-workers. We will look for like-minded co-workers in big cities to be their helpers.

It is great to have the opportunity to expand our definition about what teams are, and allow more like-minded fellowships to join us in holistic service.