by Joy T

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way we have always served. In the past, we invited overseas experts to come to the mainland to teach. Now, due to pandemic restrictions, experts cannot enter the country. We have to “seek” internal resources. “Seeking” may not be the correct word, it should be God “gifting” these resources to us.

In July 2020, a retired pastor with her team miraculously joined the rehabilitation centre programme. They developed a painting course for parents and children. In the past two years, 5 sessions were held, 8 classes in each session, each attended by 30 families. It brought lots of laughter to children, parents, and therapists.

At the end of 2020, a local sister invited us for an exhibition to be held next year. Our team prepared for nearly a year. In November 2021, a joint art exhibition was held for special children from 6 different institutions. A total of 110 paintings were exhibited. During the three and a half day exhibition, 187 people visited, in addition to participating families and staff. 74 paintings were sold. Throughout the process, parents saw society’s support and value for their children, as well as hope.

Utilising local resources complements MSI’s weaknesses: by properly interpreting policies and integrating into society, our professional services are able assimilate, become more deeply rooted and able to flourish.