The Beginning of Joy Development Centre

The Beginning of Joy Development Centre
Jean C

The Joy Development Centre was first started when we saw and sensed the helplessness of many parents whose children have autistic spectrum disorder.

The children are from different kinds of circumstances: some have never been to school whilst others have stayed home since graduating from school. Many of their parents feel powerless when faced with their children’s behavioural problems and the regression of their children’s abilities.

Families who attend the Development Centre all have their own stories. Many of the students have experienced psychological trauma – although they have families some might as well be abandoned children. They all need love desperately, whether they are completely neglected or physically abused. In addition, many parents are mentally and physically exhausted, especially as a lot of them have to face their children’s violent behaviour.

Faced with a shortfall in the government’s welfare system, these psychologically and intellectually impaired children and their families face very challenging circumstances, to the extent that they can’t see any hope for the future. Parents are especially fearful for the future of their children. This small community are like sheep without a shepherd. The ultimate Shepherd wants to find His sheep and bring them beside a stream with green pastures.

Apart from courses, the Centre is also cooperating with various organisations (such as roller skating, fitness training, service dogs & kindergartens) to develop ways through which these psychologically and intellectually impaired children can integrate more into society. We need more professionals to participate as well as locals to contribute. We pray that the Lord will send His workers to reap the harvest.