Blessing and Being Blessed

Blessing and Being Blessed
Lanni (Mustard Tree Learning Centre Ex-local staff)

Through sister Tina’s introduction, I worked at Mustard Tree Learning Centre for about 2 years between 2018-2021, I was told that all the teachers at the Centre were foreigners and they would like to have a local person to assist in communicating with government officials, suppliers and the landlord. At the time, I had just resigned from my previous employment so I happily accepted the offer hoping to give the Centre a helping hand.

At the Centre, I was responsible for administrative and financial matters, including communicating with parents, managing the office, purchasing, billings as well as dealing with the finance/taxation service company.

I thoroughly enjoyed my work and working with my boss Cheng Geok and other colleagues at the Centre. Although sometimes there are cultural/communication gaps and work-style differences, we had a friendly, loving and mutually respectful working environment with no conflict or deceit. It was very different from where I used to work.

While at the Centre I learned many values: Cheng Geok’s selfless dedication to her work, love for her students and the burden for their development; her willingness to leave her comfort zone and learn new things inspired and changed me; Gillie’s passion for Father’s beautiful creation; Daniel’s simplicity and forthrightness; Noriko’s love and concern for the special needs children and Bee Tin’s meticulous work ethic. I know that all of these are from our Father because He is love.

Although my work at the Centre has come to an end, its impact on my life is invaluable. This has become a blessing in my life. Many thanks!

Mustard Tree Learning Centre
Mustard Tree Learning Centre was set up in 2017. Based on holistic care and through professional education services, its goal was to nurture children to reach their full potential. The services included enrichment classes such as English, creative thinking and problem-solving; and learning support services for children with mild learning disabilities. In the past four years the Centre has blessed many children and parents through various types of courses, counselling and therapy services. At this point because of circumstances outside of our control, we have decided to close down the Centre.