Reflection on New Journey Workshop

Reflection on New Journey Workshop
Fang L (local student)

The teachers must have spent hours and hours in preparing this workshop. Why? Every single detail was well-planned for this 3-day 2-night workshop. We started out with writing out our own expectations in the first session and ended with a whole team book on the last day. The sessions in between helped us understand ourselves, how to achieve self-realisation and strive to actualise the potential within us. We learned to cooperate with others, be sincere in our sharing, challenge ourselves to maximize our potential, be thankful for what we have, and cherish the moment. I was deeply impressed by every activity and game that brought out the essence of each lesson.

• Cooperation: In small group, games and activities we learned to build up team spirit, knowing that cooperation would bring about a win-win situation; we shared the outcomes of the activities and learned to verbalise our feelings.

• Genuine Sharing: There was a teacher in every group to guide our discussion after the activity or game. We learned to use positive language in expressing our feelings and emotions.

• Thankfulness and Self-challenge: I have no control over which family I was born into, nor the community I belong to, nor any other similar circumstance. As the teacher said: ‘This is just me’. I should have a thankful heart and always keep true to my original intention of being kind. The teacher also said, though we cannot control time, we can still decide how we want to write the chapters of our lives. Just like how some teachers shared in their own stories, with persistence and effort, I too can also rotate the turntable of life towards my desired direction.

I am truly thankful for this 3-day 2-night camp; it was so sad to say goodbye to everyone. During these three days, I experienced first-hand that life’s greatest pursuit is goodness, to fulfil the dream in my heart and to strive towards this goal in order to have a meaningful life. Life is a one-way street; you cannot repeat the path. What matters most is deciding to take the first step. As the teachers encouraged us: with every step, do your very best in each phase of your life. Everyone was great! I hope all of us can work hard and eventually become the kind of person we want to be.