He is with MSI in Honghe

He is with MSI in Honghe
Lydia D (local staff)

Between September 2009 and July 2021, starting with a German anaesthetist and his family of four, continuing with an Australian general doctor, an Indonesian general doctor with his family of three, and finally with an English teacher, an orthopaedic doctor and a medical nurse couple all from Hong Kong – each of these people passed the baton to be ambassadors of love in this small town on the south western border of China. Coming from four different parts of the world and over 12 years, they served with 355 short term workers from a variety of professional backgrounds whom they had never met before. These short termers came from 12 different countries/regions and served in a total of 108 trips.

Despite the differences in nationality, culture and profession, each of these medical professionals sowed seeds of love and lovingly watered this parched and barren land. Although they don’t know yet what fruit will develop in the future, it is certain that He makes all things grow.

In the same way, one thing remained the same – they all brought His love with them… so although there was no “practice” or “rehearsal” beforehand, under His gracious leadership they were still able to partner in love and spiritual unity, and live out the true meaning of love!

To God be the glory!