Love Was Poured Out

Love Was Poured Out (from those who participated in MSI’s rehabilitative activities)

As part of MSI’s on-going cooperation with West China Hospital and Disabled People’s Federation, a mental health rehabilitation project Hope Clubhouse was started in 2012. Hope provides comprehensive services to help former psychiatric patients reintegrate into society through work or continuing education. The day programme provides former patients with opportunities and activities to regain work skills and build confidence in relating to people. Both Hope and a sister organisation Sunshine Clubhouse established in Zigong county have obtained international accreditation from Clubhouse International in the United States.

Member of Hope Clubhouse
MSI has financially supported us since the start of Hope Clubhouse in 2012. Since 2014, MSI also provided activities to enhance rehabilitation. As a staff member, I cannot help but feel indebted to the sacrifice made by so many people who came from afar. Love poured into our clubhouse and it made the rehabilitation process all the more meaningful.

The year-end activities led by MSI are very special in many ways, I can only name a few. Activities included choral singing, games, trivia questions, team formation and many more. Members were taught songs expressing love for their mothers, love for their country as well as New Year’s wishes. We played many games such as “the telephone game”, “receiving love”, “boat racing” etc. These games convey the positive power of love, faith and hope. During the trivia session, we learnt the importance and meaning behind various festive holidays such as National Day, Christmas Day and Lunar New Year. Christmas especially gave us a sense of reverence. While having fun searching for the hidden differences in similar drawings/pictures, members increased their ability to observe and respond. We sometimes formed groups to compete and we sometimes danced and sang. The members learnt to relate and bless one another. These activities helped to foster the participants’ abilities to bond and cooperate. Moreover, carefully selected gifts such as exercise towels, thank you cards, and pencils, were given to encourage us to exercise, talk and write more often; and lunch box sets to bless us with provision for our daily needs – all such thoughtful expressions of love and care. These activities helped reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.

MSI volunteers use accepting attitudes, affirming words, enthusiastic service to bring warmth during the winter season. It is indeed a heart-warming and high quality rehabilitation service.

Staff of Sunshine Clubhouse
Since 2017, Eva Yau, the consultant for Sunshine Clubhouse, had invited her Hong Kong friends to come and host year-end activities for our members. During such times, our members not only gained many new friends but also obtained a better understanding of Hong Kong culture. Our members would invariably look forward to these year-end activities as the dates drew near. When I asked them why, here are a few of their replies.

Yanghao said: “The games our Hong Kong friends played with us made a very deep impression on me and these activities helped me discover self-confidence and happiness.”

Tianyu added: “Hong Kong friends are always very warm and friendly. When we are together, it feels like we are family. We feel very much cared for.”

Yaoyao joined in: “I feel very excited every time the staff members said they would organise some year-end activities. This is because through the activities we learnt more new things, spent happy hours together and forgot the troubles we faced.”

I believe each person who joined the activities gleaned and gained something different. We hope our members have a positive attitude in facing life’s difficulties. We hope to overcome disabilities and make life beautiful.