Action in Love – Summer Camp in Meigu

Action in Love – Summer Camp in Meigu
MSI Editor

Amidst the pandemic challenges, the Meigu team was able to hold the children summer camp, we are thankful to our gracious God! Our colleagues, together with the local volunteers and the helpers from our school assistance programme spent three happy and healthy days with about 100 children.

The emphasis of this year’s camp was on health. The teachers would check the temperature of each child and teach all of them how to use sanitiser to clean their hands; lining up outside the classroom, the children must wash their hands before and after every meal. All children had a chance to try putting the mask on by themselves and they learnt to pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.

Things went really well on the first two days of the summer camp; then came the challenge on the third day. Our colleague found out that landslides blocked the road back to the village. As we got closer to the site, we realised that the situation was indeed very serious. We needed to come down the hill, wade across the stream to find transportation to enter the village. Nevertheless, we decided to support each other and move forward. The guys in the group displayed their serving spirit to the fullness: some of them carried the supplies on their shoulders, others helped the ladies to cross the stream and some even carried the timid ones on piggyback and waded across the stream. Thank God that the water was just below the knee. Everyone was able to get to the other side of the stream safe and sound.

When all the teachers arrived in the village, the children were earnestly waiting for them. Together they shouted out their appreciation to the teachers; immediately all the hardships vanished into thin air! When the teachers blessed the children with songs, tears ran down everyone’s cheeks. All the children and all the helpers experienced an extraordinary love in those three days. May He plant the seed of His love in their hearts!