Equipping for the Next Lap

Equipping for the Next Lap
Annie Yeung

I attended a rehabilitation training course in April. Due to the impact of the pandemic and the restrictions on gathering, we had only four people in the class, including the instructor. Consequently, three of us had numerous opportunities to practise the rehab exercises and the instructor could spend more time to guide each of us.

Thinking back, ever since I joined MSI in 2011, I have begun to learn more about rehabilitation as required for my ministry. These rehabilitation knowledge are very helpful to the patients, such as those with stroke or cerebral palsy. Therefore, I have been searching for opportunities to gain relevant rehab knowledge all these years to enrich myself and to provide better services to the patients in our sites.

This training not only increased my knowledge in rehab, I myself also personally benefited. The instructor alerted me that I belong to the category of low muscle tone, which explains why I have a “hunchback”, a poor standing posture, and an inability to wring a towel dry. The instructor also reminded me to use the strength of my torso and pelvis (pelvic bone) to support my body while standing as poor posture in the long run would cause neck and back pain. I am indeed the first beneficiary of this course and it will keep me healthy to continue the next mile of my ministry!

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)