3-Year Mobilisation Goal

3-Year Mobilisation Goal

Amy – Singapore
By our Father’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s help, we hope to see a vibrant community of disciples and disciplers in Singapore and East Asia, each serving in their various capacities holistically to bless the communities, for the glory of God.

We hope to strengthen partnerships with like-minded fellowships and organisations in order to promote our work and opportunities within the wider Christian community.

We hope to recruit ten professionals a year to serve short-term, adding value to the work of long-termers who are seeking to empower locals. We aim to contact these trippers regularly, and to identify and journey with those who God is preparing for cross-cultural work.

At the end of three years, we hope to have journeyed with, and sent three long-term professionals who model the Lord’s servant heart and are passionate about using their skills to impact and empower the communities they serve.

Almond – Hong Kong
In recent years, many more middle-aged Christians have taken early retirement. Some are able to join and serve in our short-term teams. Sharing by rehabilitation groups at different universities has encouraged the younger generation to participate in short-term service opportunities – about 8 college students have contacted us. During 2018-2019, the pairing up of young people and middle-aged mentors turned out really well.

The short-term service opportunities have expanded to include handicraft production, cooking classes, storytelling time and praise exercise group. We look forwarding to helping brothers and sisters in the following ways:

• To understand the importance of professional Christian service
• To equip and prepare them for ministry, regardless of their age
• To witness for God and respond to His calling

Eric – Canada
Our vision is to establish a community of Christian professionals and marketplace leaders who are committed to leverage their professional experiences and resources holistically to bless the people of China and beyond.

We will encourage and support members of our community to share their lives and God’s love with those we serve. Our goal is to mobilise thirty short-term trippers and one long-term worker during the next three years.

We will continue to build partnerships with churches and Christian NGOs, and find creative ways to collaborate with them for the advancement of the Kingdom. Our goal is to increase the number of partner churches/Christian NGOs by two per year.

We will inspire and equip a new generation of kingdom disciples who seek to integrate their faith and professional expertise, to participate in God’s work in China and beyond.