Interceding together

1. Pray for each of our co-workers in Hong Kong. Most have served with MSI ten years or more. May the Lord continue to bless their work in supporting our workers in China.

2. Pray for the COVID-19 situation. Pray for those critically ill. Pray for the medical workers caring for them. May leaders around the world respond with wisdom and compassion in addressing the concerns that this virus has brought about.

3. Pray for wisdom as MSI leaders and members discuss returning to the field. May the Lord grant peace to all concerned, including family and supporters on the home side.

4. Pray for open doors for MSI to contribute to the needs of those impacted by COVID-19 in China. Pray for open channels for shipping medical supplies and other needs to local partners.

5. Pray for MSI local partners in China. Many of them have been severely impacted by COVID-19 as well. While not technically quarantined, work and schools have stopped and many have been restricted from freely moving around as the government is limiting social interaction to control the spread of the virus. Pray for emotional and mental health and the peace that passes understanding.