David Leung

A quarter of a century ago, MSI’s founders established this organisation with the hope and vision that the Lord would do a new thing – serving the people of China with a new way of relating to the government and a new way of engaging Christian professionals from around the world. That vision has amazingly been realised! We have seen thousands of people deeply impacted through MSI’s holistic service. We’ve related to local officials at all levels of the government, working to be effective and relevant within China’s systems and structures.


We’ve witnessed scores of long-term workers and thousands of short-term volunteers respond to the invitation to “come in the spirit of Christ.” They express His love in ways that people can see, hear, and touch. Over the past decade, we have also seen a growing number of these volunteers coming from within China. The Lord was clearly bringing about a new breakthrough.


As I reflect on this breakthrough, I’m reminded of the “nameless disciples” in Antioch (Acts 11:19-26) who were willing to break with tradition and push on to create a new normal. That new generation integrated what they had learned from their ethnic backgrounds, faith upbringing, and marketplace experiences to explore new ways of impacting their communities.


Those who started MSI were from this kind of generation! We are grateful for the deep commitment of all who have faithfully journeyed with, prayed for, and supported MSI over the past twenty-five years. The Lord has done many amazing things.


Just as those unnamed disciples in Acts explored new opportunities in the face of a challenging context, we also labour to understand and enter into effective service in today’s changing China context. We sense that the Lord is bringing things together for a new breakthrough. Are you willing to be part of this new breakthrough? As we press on, we trust that He will continue to do an amazing work through this community that we call MSI.