Matthew Koh

I count more than 25 colleagues who have continued to serve with MSI for more than a decade. There are also countless short-term members—and more than two handfuls who have been married through relationships that blossomed while on MSI trips! Most significant is to see how God has transformed the lives of many colleagues, local partners and ministry peoples over the years. MSI is indeed privileged to be part of China’s story in this period of amazing transformation.


MSI is also witnessing transition to fourth generation leadership. God’s grace has allowed us to see some of our children’s generation serving in ministry. The children of those we have shared our lives with, over the 25 years in China, have grown and matured in service and local leadership. Despite humble, persevering service on the ground, on-going presence in China is not guaranteed; and even with resources – whether professional, technical or financial – it has become increasingly challenging. It truly tests the faith of the few to witness in the most trying of times that, indeed, “love never fails.”