Come impact lives & let your light shine

Special education teacher/trainer

Reach those with special educational needs. Touch lives by serving this population with love and dignity. Training carers will improve the quality of life for children with special needs and help these children enter society.

  • Assist in developing training syllabus and curriculum
  • Recruit and train local special needs teachers
  • Provide learning support services to children with special needs
  • Run training seminars for parents with disabled children


Business manager

Come use your business skills to support businesses.  A business with sound corporate social responsibility will be a testimony in the community. It will also provide opportunities for incarnational ministry.

  • Help develop marketing strategies for the business
  • Identify and develop new sales channels
  • Oversee office and financial affairs


English teacher

Teach English and touch lives.  Many students in inland schools have never been outside the province in which they were born. They know little about the outside world. Teachers not only have the opportunity to encourage them in their academic pursuits, but also inspire them to have purpose, direction and meaning in their lives. Influence the values of your students as well as those of other teachers.

  • Teach English classes
  • Develop curriculum
  • Help train local English teachers
  • Organise activities for English corners/clubs
  • Organise English camps