Support Us

For donation made to MSI offices outside of Hong Kong, please contact MSI Regional Representatives.

By cheque or bank draft:
Make payable to “MSI Professional Services Limited” and mail it to “Room 702, Win Plaza, 9 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong”
By direct deposit/transfer, bank details are as follows:
Bank:                    The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Account Name: MSI Professional Services Limited
Account No.:      534-683743-838
Swift Code:         HSBCHKHHHKH
Kindly provide the following details by email/fax for receipt purpose (all donations to MSI are tax deductible in Hong Kong) :
  • your full name, telephone number & postal address
  • date of deposit/transfer to HSBC and amount donated
  • please specify “General Donation” for supporting undesignated MSI operating expenses or specify the name of project you wish to support, such as “Tai-le Education Fund”, “Medical Projects”, “Earthquake Relief and Rebuilding” or “Youth Centre
Based on the name and contact address provided, a copy of an official donation receipt will be issued by way of email or through the post in the 3rd week of the month following receipt of the donation
If you wish to made a monthly donation via your bank account in Hong Kong, please fill in the Monthly Donation Form.
Correspondence Address:  Room 702, Win Plaza, 9 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone:                             (852) 2394 5288
Fax:                                          (852) 2390 3449


Use of donations for various purposes:

Donations to support a project or program
The total amount will be channeled to the designated projects or programmes without deduction of any administrative fees by the Headquarters.
Donations sent without specified use
We welcome donations that are not designated for specific use.  MSI will allocate such non-designated donations to the most needed projects or programmes.
Use of donations to meet Office operating expenses
Office operation of our headquarters in Hong Kong is essential in providing back-up service, member-development and other related project supports.  The expenses of office operation can be broadly classified into manpower costs and administration costs.  All the expenses are met through the generous donations of supporters, associates and other charitable institutions.  Our staff and employees serve sacrificially and are willing to accept “below-market” allowance or support.  Thus we do wish to encourage donors to designate gifts for general office operation which includes support of office staff.  We try to keep the operating costs as low as possible by utilising staff in multiple duties and finding the most economical way to print and post our publications to supporters.
We carefully and ethically handle the gifts our supporters entrust to us by maintaining appropriate systems of accountability and by seeking to maximise their intended use.