Pray For Us

Thank you for your partnership and for lifting us up in prayer. Please stand with us in prayer for the following praises and needs:

Pray for the busy season of summer short-term ministries including summer camps, medical surgical teams, etc.  Due to the uncertainty of our NGO status earlier in the year, we were delayed in recruiting for the short-term teams, so we still have a few teams we need to fill.
Pray for new workers to join our teams.  We have two couples joining after orientation in July.  However, a number of workers will also be returning to their home countries for year-long home assignments and re-equipping. This will leave several sites short-handed.
Pray for eye projects getting started in couple of our sites.  We need specialists, training resources, equipment and finances for these teams.
Pray for the recruitment of younger workers to join our organisation.  Many of our members are in their last term of service as they reach retirement age or need to care for aging parents.  We need 10-12 new workers per year to maintain and grow our work in China.  Pray also for the right people to develop strategies for working in China.
New work and expert visa regulations touch on age, educational qualifications, language ability, length of time in China, annual income, etc. These regulations will significantly impact our members. As doors close in some areas, pray for open windows in others.
stamp poverty
The Chinese government is targeting poverty, having initiated a campaign to ensure that all its citizens will live above the poverty line (defined as earning less than USD $1 a day) by 2020.
Pray that MSI will be able to work together with the government to improve the economic and social situation of many disadvantaged families over the next few years.