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MSI’s ministry is to transfer skills, knowledge and values through faithful professional service. We serve in inland China, in Sichuan, Yunnan and Chongqing, where physical and spiritual needs in urban as well as rural areas are great, and the resources available to meet these needs are scarce.
As Christian professionals with a love for the people and a commitment to professional excellence, we seek to provide holistic care to those we serve with the hope that they will, in turn, be enabled to help others.
Chongqing 11

MSI Chongqing

MSI has been serving in Chongqing since 2001. Our work in this municipality has been in the areas of medical services, English teaching and business and management training.
Sichuan 11

MSI Sichuan

MSI has partnered with the local government in Sichuan province over the past 20 years, serving in hospitals and institutions. Projects have included medical and community health work, emergency relief, youth work, English teaching, animal husbandry, community development and business management training.

MSI Yunnan

Since 1996, MSI has partnered with provincial and county governments placing teams to serve in medical, English, special education, rehabilitation and livestock work in 5 different sites.

MSI Happenings

Your Life is the Message!

Come Share Your Message with the People of Southwest China.

Christmas in SW China

Christmas party
Look for Christmas activities around our various sites in Southwest China.  As teams from around the world come to celebrate the season with our program participants, they bring with them the message of joy and peace on earth.

Nujiang Handicraft Training Class for the Disabled

MSI gave free handicraft lessons to 10 handicapped students during a 12-day training course organised by the Disabled Persons Alliance of Nujiang Prefecture starting from 14 November. Read more….

Completion of the Luojiu Village Water Project

Luojiu village water project
Give thanks for the successful completion of the Luojiu Village water project before Yi New Year.  As the villagers enjoy the new piped in water to their homes, they will also continue to receive some basic health training.